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Conversations About Conversations

Jan 18, 2022

Our guest on this episode of Conversations About Conversations was Jen Dalton. Jen is the founder and CEO of BrandMirror where she helps CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs refine their personal brands that break through the noise and bring in massive amounts of revenue.

Jen is the author of two books: Listen: How to Embrace the Difficult Conversations Life Throws at You and The Intentional Entrepreneur: How to Be a Noisebreaker, Not a Noisemaker: Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs and Owners.

She regularly speaks to audiences in public and private spheres from the White House to Fortune 500 Companies like Capital One and the Marriott Corporation.

We discussed how to create your personal brand, the best way to win an argument and how to have difficult conversations including 6 tips for discussing politics with your family members.

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Conversations About Conversations – Episode 242

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