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Conversations About Conversations

Dec 5, 2022

Do you desire to be more influential? Do you want people to be more inclined to help you? Do you want to become more powerful and persuasive? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, this conversation is for you.

Our guest on this episode is Brian Ahearn. Brian is the Chief Influence Officer at Influence PEOPLE. He’s an author, TEDx speaker, international trainer, coach, and consultant. His LinkedIn courses on persuasive selling and coaching have been viewed by more than a half a million people around the world. He helps people apply influence in everyday situations to boost their results. Brian’s first book, Influence PEOPLE, was named one of the 100 Best Influence Books of All Time by Book Authority.

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The Seven Universal Principles:

#1. Liking

#2. Reciprocity

#3. Unity

#4. Authority

#5. Consensus (or Social Proof)

#6. Consistency

#7. Scarcity

Books mentioned during the episode:

  • Conversations: How to Manage Your Business Relationships One Conversation at a Time by Ivan Farber
  • Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical by Brian Ahearn
  • Persuasive Selling for Relationship Driven Insurance Agents by Brian Ahearn
  • The Influencer by Brian Ahearn
  • The Game of Influence by Brian Ahearn
  • Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive Goldstein, Martin & Cialdini
  • Influence by Robert Cialdini
  • Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
  • The small B!G, and Introducing Persuasion: A Practical Guide. Goldstein, Martin & Cialdini
  • How to Have Impossible Conversations Peter Boghosian and James Lindsay
  • The Like Switch Jack Schafer and Marvin Karlins
  • Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race by Kwame Christian

Conversations About Conversations – Episode 284